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311F16 zápočet 5 anglicky letní

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Based on an original script developed in their workshop, students of directing, together with cinematography students will create a 6 to 8 minute narrative film.

Výsledky učení

Directing students should be able to demonstrate their ability to create an engaging and understandable short film that will attest to their ability to work on larger films in the future. As with film directors in the working world, directing students should be able to properly complete tasks on time, to make proper pragmatic judgments regarding realization of their ideas (including compromises), and to appropriately manage the time of their co-workers, both in pre-production and on-set, in order to be primary motivator of their projects. Before the realization of this project, directing students are expected to understand editing technology, and the basics of film language to a satisfactory extent, so that their time in the editing room can be employed for more in-depth and exploratory decisions.

Cinematography students will learn to load and operate 16mm (Super16mm) cameras, and to employ a standard lens package, in primarily natural light conditions. Working from a transfer to DVCam technology, cinematography students will develop their skills in digital postproduction to create an appropriate visual atmosphere that will augment the goals of the director.

Předpoklady a další požadavky

Successful pitching of dir. treatment!

Successful completion of the Fall term projects, significant progress in the skills.



Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Evaluated collectively during the Spring term projections (May of each ac. year).


More technical details to be given by Production manager of FAMU International.

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