Graduation Project 2

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By the end of the course students will:

-produce a creative exercise in narrative fiction filmmaking

-experience pre-production, production and postproduction; potential fundraising, management of various grants for filmmakers

Forma studia

Practical exercise

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Obsah kurzu

Directing students write and direct short film up to 25 minutes. Students are lead in their tutorial to develop short fiction, based on the story, developed by the student or taken from literature. Student can shoot adaptation or shoot existing screenplay of screenwriting master program student. There is no style limit, except of avoiding non-narrative approach.

Students present a project during pitching, directors treatment has to contain essential crew members: DoP and camera crew, production manager, set designer, sound designer, editor, screenwriter). The execution of the project is preceded by a successfully accomplished script, approved storyboard and equipment list.

Number of shooting days: up to 8 days

Shooting technology: digital with sync sound or 16 mm

Length: up to 25 minutes

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura


Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Pass grade is given based on students active approach and consultations with teachers and upon submission of accomplished script, approved storyboard and approved equipment list.

The grade is calculated as follows:

activity and consultations - 10%

accomplished script - 40%

storyboard -30%

approved equipment list - 20%

(Graduation Project - film is assessed by state exam committee during the state exams.)


The camera, light and grip list has to be created according to the script and location possibilities and has to respect budget for graduate film. No extension of budget is possible. Digital/film technology is possible.

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