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311SFI Z 5 75 hodiny CVIČENÍ za celý semestr (45 minut), 69 až 94 hodin domácí příprava anglicky letní

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With this exercise students will:

-learn how to work with the dramatic structure and how to transform the script into a short film using efficient film language and appropriate performance of actors

-learn how to provide and receive feedback on the work of their peers and their own work

Forma studia

Practical Exercise

Předpoklady a další požadavky

To present a project during pitching, directors treatment delivery 3 days prior pitching (dir. treatment has to contain essential crew members ? DoP and camera crew, production manager, set designer, sound designer).

The execution of the project is preceded by successfully accomplished script (FAMU International).

Equipment list has to be approved by cinematography mentor and provided to FAMU International production office for ordering.

Obsah kurzu

Directing student writes and directs a short film of up to 15 minutes. The student is lead in his/her tutorial to develop short fiction, a realistic linear drama based on the 3-act structure, developed by the student and their schoolmates or taken from literature. A non-narrative approach, flashbacks, flash-forwards and dream sequences are not allowed. The artistic initiative comes from the Directing student who is required to actively search for a collaborating Cinematography student. The project must be shot in the Czech Republic.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Pavel Jech, Mary Angiolillo: Seven minutes screenplay

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Public screening; committee, consisting of faculty, evaluates student’s artistic work on the basis of given criteria

The minimum essential criteria of evaluation:

Story and its audiovisual interpretation - 20%

Dramaturgical use of film language and other tools of the audiovisual expression (mise-en-scene, sound, editing…) 30%

Casting and directing actors - 20%

Overall artistic success - 30%



The alternative Final commission project – The production book

This product is a modified version of the type of package that is commonly used in professional film production. It is adjusted in order to meet the academic requirements and limitations of this particular exercise. The package is evaluated by a jury of FAMU staff, just as the film would be according to the original syllabus. Students present their package to the faculty panel and receive real-time feedback from the panel members.

The Production book includes:

  1. A project package:

· A logline

· Synopsis (up to 150 words)

· Treatment (up to 900 words)

· Director's Statement ( 900-1200 words). Must include:

· explication of the story and narrative approach

· directing approach,

· visual concept

· colograding strategy

· concept of a sound design

· Mood board – a visual representation of the script, incorporating a maximum of 20 images to convey the film's look and tone and capture the elements of the film language they want to use for their project (compositions, lighting atmosphere, actors, set design, etc.)

· Mood soundtrack - 1-2 minutes of audio that expresses the film's mood and feelings (music, atmospheric pads, sound effects/foley, etc.

· Virtual location scouting (a collection of images that present all locations required for the script - using either online resources or actual location photos)

· Virtual casting (using online resources of Czech casting agencies, e.g. or

  1. Production package

· Full Script

· Complete storyboard (must include all the shots and the specification of the camera angles, lenses, shot sizes, and camera moves). Use of storyboarding software such as FrameForge or similar is recommended, yet not required).

· Production documentation using the formal templates for FI projects (

· Shot list

· Script breakdown

· Equipment list and location list

· Production schedule

· Shooting schedule

· Call sheets for each shooting day

· Budget



Definition of the exercise: Joint exercise between Master degree student of Cinematography and FAMU International Cinema and Digital Media directing student based on script developed by directing student within the FAMU International directing workshop.

The artistic initiative comes from Directing student who actively searches for collaborating Cinematography student.

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