Nonverbal and Comedy Theatre and Theatre Theory (8202V017)

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No new students are accepted for the qualification. Qualification finishes 2024-12-31.

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The goal of the Philosophy of Education of the Department of Pantomime is to link to the strong tradition of Czech Pantomime, which is represented by personalities such as Ladislav Fialka, Boris Hybner, Ctibor Turba, Bolek Polívka and others. In connection to this traditional line of education the Department focusses as well on new streams of Mime-Theatre, such as „New Circus“ and „Physical Theatre“, which are developing dynamically over the last three decades and which are representing a significant part of contemporary Mime-Theatre.

The aim is to combine the most important streams of traditional and contemporary Mime and to provide a top-level of education in those disciplines with the intention to educate professional artists with high standards of specialization, artistic quality and a wide range of admittance in professional show-business.

The doctorate degree is focussed on scientific work and research as well as on theory of Nonverbal Theatre and Contemporary Circus.

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