Piano Playing 2

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104KV2 ZK 12 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Improving management of the main study and its technical and artistic issues.

Secure and good bearing in music references of the past and their style periods.

Management of basic teaching issues.

Study of solo repertoire and basic repertoire of chamber music with piano.

Mode of study

Individual instruction

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No requirements.

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Year I:

Recommended or required reading

Basic Piano literature of the Baroque, Pre-Classical, Viennese Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and pivotal repertoire of the 20th century (Prokofiev, Debussy, Ravel and others).This fundamental literature is expanded to the required repertoire for various national and international level contests.

Assessment methods and criteria

Proposed grading by the department at the final semester exam and final evaluation given after the first year exam before the dean's committee.


Expanding the repertoire and preparations of half of the year's concert to take place during the 2nd semester of the 2nd year.

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