Piano Seminar 10

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
104SKV0 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Name of lecturer(s)

Ivan KLÁNSKÝ, František MALÝ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

An introduction to the Keyboard Dept.group, theory lectures and classmate performances. Ability to critically assess artistic performance. Obligatory public performance in the course. This course is the only platform in which students from all study years come together, considering that most instruction is individual. This refines abilities to verbally forulate critical observations and reaction to colleagues' performances.

Mode of study

Contact instruction with student music presentations

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

The course is not in the true sense a concert stage but becomes a sort of „creative workshop“ verifying the abilities and level of current preparations for concert performance. Aside from the course, direct performance assessment may take place as a listening class (important recordings from the past), or discussions over visits by foreign artists.

Recommended or required reading

Music literature from the Baroque to the present.

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity in the course.



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