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105HNV8 exam 10 2 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 229 to 279 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning objectives:

In this semester, the teacher approaches the student as an expressive musical personality who has no apparent problems in playing the instrument. The student's own creativity, precise fingering technique, quality of tone and intonation are pushed ever higher with the aim of achieving perfect performance of as many pieces as possible, especially from the repertoire of international competitions. The inclination of some students to interpret works by contemporaries and use experimental instrumental technique is accepted. The course is based on the most demanding requirements for the student's preparation. Compositions are chosen to be as technically and interpretatively challenging as possible. In connection with the choice of repertoire, an interesting thesis topic is also often chosen, which would eruditely complement and develop existing knowledge of the field.

Thematic areas:

  1. Maximum development and improvement of the student's strengths, especially in the field of tonal culture and his/her own musicality
  2. The search for new interpretations of modern compositional language in relation to modern techniques of playing musical instruments
  3. Psychological issues of stage performance, concentration and relaxation
  4. Study of competition and concert repertoire
  5. Choosing the topic of the Master´s thesis

Learning outcomes

The student has a comprehensive knowledge of global as well as national repertoire and demonstrates a high level of ability in creating and delivering seamless musical experiences and interpretations.

The student realizes music at a high professional level (technically and interpretatively masterful expression), expressing his/her own artistic concepts at the level of a developed musical personality.

The student possesses sophisticated craft skills in relation to repertoire, style, genre, etc.

The student masters healthy psychological habits, including concentration and relaxation techniques, associated with public performance of music.

The student demonstrates breadth and/or depth of expertise and demonstrates proficiency in a variety of styles and/or has a distinctive and individual expression in one particular style.

Prerequisites and other requirements



Instructions for the selection of pieces, their rehearsal and performance will be specified by the teacher with regard to the individual abilities and talents of each student.

Example repertoire:

Scales following Shevchik Op. 3 - line staccato and sautillé in various rhythms. Familiar melodies (Christmas...) in octaves and in different keys.

(ŠEVČÍK, Otakar. 40 Variations Op. 3, arr. Louis Feuillard)

Sonatas with piano:

BRAHMS, Johannes. Sonata in F major, Op. 99 - Allegro vivace, Adagio affettuoso, Allegro passionato, Allegro molto

LOCATELLI, Pietro. Sonata for Cello and Piano in D major

Solo repertoire:

GABRIELLI, Domenico. 7 Ricercari - No. 1 in G minor and No. 3 in D major

PIATTI, Alfredo. 12 Caprices Op. 25 - No. 6 and No. 11

ABBIATE, Louis. Prelude in C major for cello solo


MYSLIVEČEK, Josef. Concerto in C major

MJASKOVSKY, Nikolay Yakovlevich. Concerto in C minor, Op. 66

Additional study literature will be specified by the instructor during the semester, based on the student's talents, skills, and professional interest or the teacher's specialisation.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Conditions for attestation: active participation in classes, participation in seminars as a performer, playing previously assigned compositions before a committee of KSN teachers:

2 etudes (capriccia), difficulty corresponding to the level of the master's degree, virtuoso piece of an encore character, the whole concerto or Rococo Variations - all memorized, performance of the year's recital

Other requirements: minimum 80 % attendance



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