Double-bass Playing 6

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105KO6 Z 12 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Supplementation and expasion of instrument skills acquired at the intermediate level of education. Systematic work on one's artistic creativity. Attaining the content and sense of a performed work, orientation in style, expanding the repertoire.

Mode of study

Individual instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Study material selected according to established curriculum and individual need.

Recommended or required reading

Etudy: Czerny 30 caprices, Simandl Gradus ad parnasum, Kreuzer, Mengoli, Rahbath, Gajdoš and others.

Works for solo contrabass: Bach 1st. and 3rd. suites, Franocais Theme varié, Ellis Sonata, Fryba, Fuka Tři miniatury, Gajdoš Variace, capriccia, Tabakov Motivy and others. Concertos: Botessini, Capuczi, Dittersdorf, Domažlický, Dragonetti, Francoix, Hertl, Hlobil, Hoffmeister, Kohout, Kusewickij, Piehl, Rota, Sperger, Vaňhal and others.

Sonatas with Piano: Birkenstock, Hertl, Míšek op. 5 and 6, Hindemith, Reiner, Schubert Arpeggione, Spergel,

German Baroque, French and Italian Sonata di Gamba (Bach, Marcello, Loilet),

Virtuoso literature: Botessini, Dragonetti, Gliere, Hertl and others.

Preparation and execution of the Bachelor's recital. Bachelor's thesis. Final state Bachelor's exam. Preparation for the Master's entrance exam.

Assessment methods and criteria

Individual instruction, Bachelor's concert.



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