Oboe Playing 7

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106HOB7 Z 14 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

In this course the perfect mastery of all aspects of bassoon playing is necessary. This covers fingering technique, intonation, rhythm, breath and tone quality. This course expands knowledge in performance and stage performance. The study is oriented towards compositions which are for concert activities which are irreplaceable.

  1. Instruction in the psychology of stage peformance, stage activity practice.
  2. Interpretation viewpoint instruction, searching for unique and classical interpretation maintaining the student's view in performance.
  3. Recital pieces - M. Shinohara, I. Yun, P. Méfano, O. Mácha, L. Berio - necessity of excellent techique and freedom in performance.

Mode of study

On-going participation in symphony and opera orchestra auditions.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills at the level corresponding to the study year and student profile.

Course contents

Clarinet 7 accepts only students who, based on the entrance procedure, have no apparent problems playing the instrument, have very good fingering technique, tone quality, intonation and also show a good music concept supported not only by talent but also, knowledge. This talent is understood as unique and therefore is handled during studies to develop into its individualized form. The performance views of the student are compared with those of the professors. If the student does not stray in their views from the foundations then their ideas are left to them. In the opposite case, that idea is worked on so that diversion is brought in line with principles. Part of the instruction is intensive work stage performance, mostly the psychological aspect. A knowledge of the psychology of stage performance is necessary. Study is oriented to compositions which are irreplaceable for concert activities - M. Shinohara, I. Yun, P. Méfano, O. Mácha, L. Berio. The repertoire also is oriented towards international competitions which are available at the time.

Recommended or required reading

M.Shinohara: Obsession

I.Yun: Piri

P.Méfano: Asahi

O.Mácha: Eirené

E.Carter: Inner Song

G.Silvestrini: Šest etud pro hoboj solo

E.Goossens: Koncert

A.Jolivet: Sérenade

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation of instrument and orchestra playing, completion of the established repertoire, AKS verification, all concluded with the award of credit.

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Instructors manage the alternation of individual orchestra parts according to composer notes.

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