Woodwind Instruments Seminar 3

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106SDD3 Z 2 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students acquire refinement at the performance level and in the analysis of the interpretation performance of other performers. The quality of performance, style,music aesthetics and in a chamber ensemble, musical empathy and creativty is continuously assessed. Moderation of one's own performance should arrange the performed composition into a historical context.

Mode of study

Students gain stage performance experience. There are a number of performance issues when in concert to which this course gives answers. In each course space is gradually given to each wind instrument and style period. The professor and students assess the performance.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills at the corresponding level to the study year, student profile and sufficient music repertoire.

Course contents

Students in this course acquire experience with on-stage performance. Their role in instruction alternates from student to artis and also, which is very important, they have the opportunity comment the given performance. There is a whole range of performance issues in concert performance which the course addresses. Student performance is analysed and assessed in all performance aspects by the instructor and students. In each course space is gradually given to each wind instrument and all style periods. Students create, in each course, a coherent concert program. Student perfromance is evaluated in each aspect of performance. First of all, compositions are analysed which students must play and individual performance pitfalls are shown. Students are evaluated on how they managed these issues. The students' level of playing is not neglected in technique, intonation, sound, dynamic and performance aspects. Comparisons with other prominent artists are provided on CDs of other performances of the same piece and the pros and cons of individual artistic performances. The opportunity for students to publically perform individual compositions before students is also provided. This experience is very important for concert performance.

Recommended or required reading

According to individual programs.

Assessment methods and criteria

Student performance is assessed in all facets of performance. First of all the composition the student played is examined and individual pitfalls of performance are pointed out. Also assessed is how the student dealt with these problems. Noted, as well, is the playing level of the student in terms of technique, intonation, sound, dynamics and performance.

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Instructors manage the alternation of individual parts according to composer notes.

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