Saxophone Playing 1

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106SX1 Z 1 1T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students are introduced to the instrument and its potential. For those who are more advance in saxophone play, using easy compositions, define issues in playing the instrument and the most practical path to correction is found.

Mode of study

Continuing student participation in symphony and opera orchestra auditions.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills corresponding to the student study year and profile.

Course contents

The Saxophone is an instrument in many music ensembles. This instrument is markedly used in orchestras, as a solo instrument and, today, in other music genres. This course gradually provides the student with all skills and knowledge needed for playing the Saxophone. Students are divided according to their abilities. They are introduced to technique of how to properly play the Saxophone. Considering the playing may differ greatly among students, individual instruction paths are selected. In the individual approach and acceptance of various skills the path to get quickly achive the ability level is taken for the less proficient. The view of why the student wants to play the instrument is a determining factor for the course method. Many wish to play the instrument because of practical reasons of which there are many when auditioning for an orchestra position. Students are introduced to the instrument and its potential. Easier etudes are used to indicate problems in playing and the most practical ways to correct this is found for those who are more mature in their playing.

Recommended or required reading

Solo and chamber literature.

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation of instrument and orchestral playing. Fulfilling of the established repertoire range. AKS certification. All concluded with credit awarded.

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Instructors take care of alternating individual orchestra parts according to composer notes.

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