Choreography Seminar 8

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107CHSE8 credit 4 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 79 to 99 hours of self-study Czech summer

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The course program guides students toward the creation of a choreography etude inspired by a literary tex - fairy tale, graphic tale, short story, text collage, etc. (ex: the poetry of C. Morgenstern, I. Wernische, J. Kolář, etc.) Students investigate adequate expression and movement and include knowledge gained in the previous semester.

Learning outcomes

The course aim is to develop the choreography experience of the students through various choreography tasks. Through these they resolve issues in the relationship of dance and everyday movement, movement stylizations, relationship of dance and music (sound), dance and visual arts, etc. Emphasis is on original creative activity.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Knowledge of the fundamentals of composition, ability to create a movement motif for given music in real time. Experience in working with a performer and multiple performers. Regular attendance in lessons.


Humphrey, Doris: The Art of Making Dances, 1959.

Praagh, Peggy van; Brinson, Peter: Choreographic Art, 1963.

Kröschlová, Jarmila: Výrazový tanec, Praha 1964.

Mlíkovská, Jiřina: Choreografické etudy, Praha 1964.

Mlíkovská, Jiřina: Vybrané kapitoly z choreografie, Praha 1990.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

activity in class

Condition for successful completion of the course:

creation of a movement study on a given topic.



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