Didactics and Methodology of Dance Theory and History 2

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107DMDH2 ZK 2 1 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 40 to 50 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students acquire knowledge and their independent application in solving didactic and methodological issues, master the work of the teacher in transforming the knowledge of dance science into the content of teaching, the design of teaching and the use of aids and various teaching methods.

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Course contents

The course is a continuation of Didactics and Methodology of Dance History and Theory 1, it develops the teaching content of the previous semester and focuses on specific issues of didactics of dance theory and history and their methodology with regard to their teaching at dance conservatories or other types of schools. It includes lectures and seminars on which emphasis is placed, students independently address sub-questions, apply knowledge in the treatment of assigned topics, and present their work. Related to the course is the Teaching Practice of Dance History and Theory. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the concrete application of theoretical didactic and methodological principles to the concept of teaching dance history and theory and to develop their independent work with the acquired knowledge.

Thematic areas:

III. Didactics and methodology of dance history and theory

Seminar paper topics:

Preparation of an interpretation of a specific topic in the field of dance history and theory using different methods and types of sources, presentation

Preparation of a test

Developing a plan for an excursion, project, etc. on the topic

Outline of questions for the state final exam:

  1. Specifics of teaching dance history and theory from a didactic point of view
  2. Methods of teaching history and theory of dance on specific topics
  3. Chronological and problem-based approaches to teaching
  4. Possibilities of active participation of pupils in teaching (reports, projects, „research“), the problem of motivation of pupils
  5. Objectives and main content of teaching history and theory of dance
  6. Teaching materials, historical and contemporary, other resources for teaching dance history and theory
  7. The relationship of dance history and theory teaching to dance practice teaching, the function of dance history and theory teaching in the system of professional dance education
  8. History and theory of dance as a part of education of historical and cultural awareness, education for Europeanism and knowledge of regional heritage
  9. Structure and components of the lesson, communication between teacher and pupils, methods of evaluation

Recommended or required reading

Required reading:

Materials from electronic sources - websites of dance conservatories (information about the concept of teaching, curricula, etc.)

Textbooks on history and history of art and individual artistic disciplines.

Recommended reading:

PARKAN, František. Didaktika dějepisu. V Praze: Univerzita Karlova, Pedagogická fakulta, 2014. ISBN 9788072906444.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination (elaboration of a given topic).

Seminar paper on the assigned topic.

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