Kinesology 2

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107KIN2 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to reinforce the ability to perceive the movement of one's body. Particularly as a movement aparatus in relation to a space. Movement experience is compared to the anatomical and physiological nature of the human body.

Mode of study

Lectures, exercises, classes.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

To complete this course, extensive movement experience, the best in dance, is necessary.

Course contents

This course is a continuation of Kinesiology 1. This course provides information about the fundamental aspects of human movement and its control mechanisms. Aside from a description of physiological characteristics for movement activity, students are introduced to the basics of movement pathology. Lectures cover the following topics:

Study concepts:

Analysis and function of the axial system.

Kinesiology of the upper limbs.

Kinesiology of the lower limbs.

Physical stress systems.

Fundamentals of Patho-kinesiology.

Fundamentals of Sports kinesiology.

Recommended or required reading

Dylevský, I::Funkční anatomie člověka, Praha 1996-98.

Fenajs, H.: obrazový anatomický slovník, Grada 1999.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

activity in class and exercises

Conditions for successfull completions of the course:

oral exam

course paper



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