Folk Dance Education Seminar 1

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107PSL1 Z 3 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course covers the dance culture of a given region. The Education Seminar 1; dances from Central and Southern Bohemia.

Mode of study

Watching films, dance recordings of individual areas and the mastery of selected dances in the course in the dance hall.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Independent student activity. Focused on acquireing information about the given region whose development will be used in teaching folkdance.

Course contents

Students create a movement preparation for a selected area. The following Pedagogy Seminar 2 - 8 are continuations of detailled studies of some of those areas. In one course one to two folklore areas are covered in detail according to content and difficulty. VHS cassettes with authentic recordings of native dancers are used for instruction. The sequence of areas may be changed according to the given study year studying. The makeup of individual study-years is always different and, therefore, it is necessary to approach the instruction individually in the Pedagogy seminar.

Dances of Central Bohemia: Central Bohemia has an exceptional position among the other areas and it is not simple to precisely define the region. For the wider region, Central Bohemia has the characteristic of great variety in Folkdance. It is impossible to master all the dances, therefore, only a selection of a few recordings is made for the students. Dances of Southern Bohemia: The extensive area of the Southern Bohemia region takes up about a quarter of Bohemia. This region has many more diverse environment conditions and styles of living than other Czech regions.

Recommended or required reading

Laudová, Hanah: Lidové tance z Čech, Moravy a Slezska díl IV. Střední Čechy, Ústav lidové kultury Strážnice 1996.

Eben, Karel Jaromír: Prostonárodní české písně a říkadla, Praha 1886.

Holas, Čeněk: České národní písně a tance, Praha 1910.

Vycpálek, Josef: České tance, Praha 1921.

Vycpálek, Vratislav: O matenících Lidová tvořivost 3, 1952.

Zíbrt, Čeněk: Jak se kdy v Čechách tancovalo, Praha 1960.

Laudová, Hanah: Lidové tance z Čech, Moravy a Slezska díl II. Jižní Čechy, Ústav lidové kultury Strážnice 1995.

Soukupová, Zora: Jihočeské tance I a II, České Budějovice 1979.

Lidové tance Čech, Moravy a Slezska (video cassette series, accompanying texs, literature).

Assessment methods and criteria

Partipation in class, preparation of at least one movement-dance variation for the folklore area covered (technique preparations of the dance skills of the given area) are required.



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