Folk Dance Education Seminar 8

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107PSLI8 Z 3 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course covers the Lašska region. Students create a movement preparatorz for the selected region.

Mode of study

Watching films, dance recordings of individual areas and the mastery of selected dances in the course in the dance hall.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Independent student activity. Focused on acquireing information about the given region whose development will be used in teaching folkdance.

Course contents

Dances from Lašsko: Lašsko is another distinctive area of Eastern Moravia. Today's understanding of the Lašsko area and its equal counterpart Valašsko, Haná, Horácko, and Slovácko has been influenced by the varietz of its surroundings, among which played a significant role is the particular dialectology and unique features of the regional culture overall. Lašsko is not a monolithic area. According to the landscape character, the costumes, some types of dances but primarily the dance style and characteristic dance steps have been affected by several sub-regions.

a)Valašsko - Lašské border: Zhnily z Měrkovic, Zvrtek z Gruně, Čeladenský z Kozlovic, Dymak z Kozlovic, Hulan z Měrkovic, Kalamajka z Kozlovic, Kohut z Kunčic, Koval z Kozlovic, Lendr z Kozlovic, Pilky z Kozlovic and ze Lhotky pod Ondřejníkem

b)Upper Lašsko: Starodávný z Gruně, Zvrtek ze Starých Hamrů, Zvrtek z pomezí Kysuc, Obertas z pomezí Kysuc, Čardaš z Konečné, Babsky z Korně, Čeladenský z Ostravice, Dratenik z Ostravice, Hulan z Gruně, Kalamajka ze Starých Hamer, Ruska polka z Malenovic, Slezsky čardaš z Ostravice, Vojtek z Bílé,

c)Lower Lašsko: Starodávný ze Sedlišť, Taněc z Krmelína, Zvrtek ze Staré vsi nad Ondřejnicí, Cigan z Krmelína, Dratenik z Krmelína, Dymak ze Staré Bělé, Galaty z Janovic, Kožuch podolsky z Hukvald, z Krmelína, Požehnany z Janovic, Ruska polka z Janovic, z Krmelína, Šatečkovy z Janovic, Zbujan z Morávky,

d)Štrambersko: Ignac Manda a Smutna cerka ze Štramberku,

e)Lašský skok: Lašský skok sólový, ve dvojici a ve čtveřici, Lašský skok Ondraš.

In contrast to Valašsky Odzemek, which is dance to one basic song, there are a number of songs for Lašsky jumps. Dance jump elements are marked by vigor and ''angularity'' of some ornaments which interestingly contrast to lighter, softer ornaments. Students try to creation their own series of ornaments from the possible which are in wide availability in the study material. Lašsky jump is an opportunity for improvisation for all dancers, therefore each looks for their own unique style of Lašsky jump.

Recommended or required reading

Jelínková, Zdenka; Eliašová, Lenka a kol.: Lidové tance z Čech, Moravy a Slezska, díl IX. Lašsko, Ústav lidové kultury Strážnice 1996.

Janáček, Leoš: Moje Lašsko, Lidové noviny 1928.

Janáček, Leoš: Národní tance na Moravě, Praha 1953.

Janáček, Leoš: Osnovy hudební lidových tanců na Moravě, Český lid II, 1893.

Janáček, Leoš - výběr z díla

Jelínková, Zdenka - výběr z díla

Socha, Vincenc: Lidové tance na Lašsku, Praha 1948

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation in class and preparation of at least one movement-dance variation from the covered folklore area (technique preparations of dance skills of the given area) are required.



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