Modern Dance Education Seminar 2

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107PSM2 Z 3 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course creates the conditions for acquiring practical experience in innovative teaching approaches and processes in contemporary dance choreography. Students have a unique opportunity to adopt various manners of thinking about the body as a structure and in movement as well as develop their own creativity under the artistic guidance of an experienced instructor which contributes to their own artistic and intellectual development (broadening their overview, improving their expertise, learning independent thinking, improving their performing and teaching skills and artistic trade).

Along with the development of practical skills a abilities, this course places emphasis on a knowledge of Czech and world dance choreography and linking the students to a wider discussion in the Czech dance community.

Mode of study

Classes, attendance at lectures and discussions.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements.

Course contents

awareness of movement The lesson content is to learn one's body, find outlines of intensity of one's carnality and approach the body as a tool for communication so that it be comes a source of communication. The Education Seminar course teaches one to discover trust in one's movement, awareness of movement in the present body and thought. This direct personal experience leads to the removal of extraneous movements and tension, increases speed, flexibility, stability and communications.

  1. Anatomy in movement
  2. Working with body internal space
  3. Working with intimate body space
  4. Working in an external space.

Recommended or required reading

Feldenkrais, Moshé: Awarness through movement (Pohybem k sebeuvědomění), Praha 1996

Lewis, Daniel: The Illustrated Dance Technique of José Limón. New York 1984

Schurr, Gertrude; Yoccom, R.D.:

Modern Dance (Techniques and Teaching)

Horosko, Marianne: Martha Graham. The Evolution of her Dance Theory and Training, Pennington 1991

Stewart, Virginia: Modern Dance, New York 1991

Stodelle, Ernestine: The Dance technique of Doris Humphrey, Princeton 1978

Warren, Larry: Lester Horton, Modern Dance Pioneer, New York 1991

Cohan Robert, The Dance Workshop, London 1986

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

a) 80% activity in class and workshops arranged by the Dance Dept. at HAMU and their written analysis.

b) An overview of contemporary Czech and world choreography.


This course may be repeated.

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Course may be repeated

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