Modern Dance Education Seminar 4

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107PSM4 Z 3 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to cultivate the vocal and speech skills. The course is intended for students who wish to improve the quality of their vocal and speaking skills.

Mode of study

Presentation, discussion, classes, contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of Pedagogy 3.

Course contents

  1. Vocal hygiene, adopting proper breathing, pushing the voice
  2. working with capacities, rhytmization, intensity, dynamics and articulation of the voice and speech.
  3. Listening analysis - perception of one's voice as distinctive and spontaneous.
  4. Analysis of the perception of one's voice not only as a means of communicating but as distinctive and spontaneous.

Recommended or required reading

Felber,R.,Reinhold,S.,Stückert,A.: Muzikoterapie, terapie zpěvem. FABULA 2005

Válková, L.: Hlas individuality. Praha AMU 2004

Hlas, mluva, řeč. Sborník konference. Praha: AMU 2005

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: attendance in lectures and exercises

To receive credit a completed written review of issues in working with voice is required.


This course may be repeated.

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Course may be repeated

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