Reperatory for Choreography 1

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107RCH1 Z 2 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduction to the tradition of new era dance in our country and its influence on the post-war development of the Czech dance scene and rise of Ballet Prague and the Prague Chamber Ballet.

Study of parts of choreographies by Pavel Šmok brings students closer to the creative process and movement vocabulary of a prominent Czech choreographer who served in the rise of the Czech modern dance scene.

Mode of study

Lecture, Media recording analysis, exercises, attendance at relevant dance performances.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Mastery of dance technique and developed movement skills in Classical, Modern or Folkdance training.

Course contents

The historical conditions for the rise of the Prague Chamber Ballet: students are introduced to societal and artistic situations in the inter-war period and after 1945. They are introduced to the most significant figures.

The rise of Ballet Prague, The Higher-education artistic group of Charles University in Prague become active.

The groundbreaking productions become registered in the List of the trusted base on the music of Leoš Janácek in the choreographz of Pavel Šmok.

After the decline of Ballet Prague, the independent dance ensemble Prague Chamber Ballet slowly forms by whom is demonstrated how to make a ballet.

Dramaturgy and the aim of the Prague Chamber Ballet: the ensemble aims towards the presentation of original creations, developing music works originally not meant for dance, mainly Czech artists.

The most important ballets of the Prague Chamber Ballet in the 1970s, The American Quartet of A. Dvořák, Kreutzer's Sonata by Janáček, Hiroshima bz W. Bukovy, Pia Fraus of K. Ostrčil, Záskok by F. von Suppe.

Study of parts of presented choreographies brings students closer to the creative process and movement vocabulary of important Czech choreographers who served in the rise of the Czech modern dance scene.

Recommended or required reading

Hegerová Ivana


Vašut Vladimír Saša Machov

Vašut ,Vladimír:Pavel Šmok na přeskáčku Praha 1997.

Šemberová Zora

Prag Chamber Ballet Program

Video recordings from personal archives: working recordings from performances and rehearsal of the Prague Chamber Ballet in domestic and foreign theatres (Classified, American Quartet).

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: activity in lectures and exercises, completion of assignments.

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Wed 10:45–12:15 Helena ARENBERGEROVÁ white studio
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