Repertory of Contemporary Dance 2

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107RST2 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduction of the students to the repertoire of the Prague Chamber Ballet of the 1980s in the context of events in brick-and-mortar theatres, to Šmok's creations for the television camera and expanding the repertoire and dance vocabulary of that important Czech choreographer.

Mode of study

Lecture, analysis of media recordings, exercises, attending relevant performances.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Mastery of dance technique and developed movement skills in Classical, Modern or Folkdance training.

Course contents

The Prague Chamber Ballet repertoire from the 1980s.

Z mého života B.Smetany, Sinfonieta L.Janáčka, Zjasněná noc A.Schonberga (examples from the aforementioned choreographies)

Importance of the ensemble for international recognition of Czech works

In the existence of the Prague Chamber Ballet guest choreographers have provided for foreign progressive contact.

The first performed choreography of J. Kylian with a Czech ensemble

UNESCO seminar on the development of modern dance in Prague, continuity of international contact. In ballets created directly for television students become aware of Šmok's talent and sense of working with the film camera which helps heighten the artistic effect of the work. In the past this interaction of the camera with movement has been unique. (ex:Historie vojáka ,Zjasněná noc)

Recommended or required reading

Vašut ,Vladimír:Pavel Šmok na přeskáčku Praha 1997

Video recordings from private archives:

:B.Smetana Z mého života,

L.Janáček Sinfonieta,

Arnold Schoenberg Zjasněná noc,

Antonín Dvořák Večerní písně,

Film and television documentaries aobut creations and activity of the Prague Chamber Ballet (Jak se dělá balet, Seminář UNESCO,Setkání s Terpsichorou).

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: activity in class and exercises, completion of assignments.



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