Theory Non-Verbal Theatre and preparation of the diploma task

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The study aim is to train the student:

  1. multi-faceted familiarity with historical changes in the field in relation to the style development of the arts and period societal processes;
  2. at the higher master's level versing of the development of thought on this type of art;
  3. enrichment of the educational background through impulses from contemporary industry literature and belle lettres, contemporary theatre and specialized creations;
  4. competent independent analysis of a work of the genre in the context of theatre, respectively dance arts.

Mode of study

After bachelor's study the focus of instruction in lectures whose content is demonstrated, if possible, with visual and text material, archive video and DVD recordings. Students are required to investigate historical procedures or thought resonating in contemporary arts currents. The subsequent master's study prefers discussion forms over theory topics, selected by the instructor and over important arts achievements provided through audio-visual recordings. The individual interests or specialization is considered in selection.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Considering the nature of mime theatre as a inter-type genre, a good bearing in the history and modernity of theatre or dance arts is presumed. If not, then, at least, one other concurrent course should be registered, for example, Selected Chapters in the History of Theatre or History of Dance.

Course contents

History and theory in Mime theatre is understood at the fundamental mainstay of the student's education.

  1. History of Mime theatre, knowledge of its basic concept
  2. Process of forming opinions of mime arts over the course of time.
  3. Appellation and definition of issues in mime theatre
  4. Analysis of individual artistic acts

Recommended or required reading

Artaud,A.: Divadlo a jeho dvojník, Praha 1994

Bakošová-Hlavenková,Z.: Pantomima, Bratislava 1988

Barrault,J.-L.: Som divadelník, Bratislava 1966

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Zárubová,N.: Mimika a gesta, Praha 2008

Zich, O.: Estetika dramatického umění,Praha 1930

Assessment methods and criteria

During study independent reading, knowledge of important mime theatre works and participation in discussions are required. A requirement for receiving credit or exam is: completion of the semester tasks, participation in lecture and class, successfull completion of the oral exam.


Due to the sometimes long-term interships of one or more students abroad, this course is exceptionally scheduled. Otherwise the instruction is part of expanded study in "New Circus. Beginning this year the part of the program relating to circus arts has been dropped.

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