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110FU ZK 2 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To acquire awareness of and practical skills in fundraising in the cultural sphere.

Mode of study

lectures, moderated discussions, project presentation, completion of an exercise form

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No previous knowledge requirements.

Course contents

  1. Course introduction - definition of lecture topics, definition of basic concepts - fundraising, marketing, grant, patronage, philanthropy, sponsoring, private sources, public sources, contributing organizations, the non-profit sector, public-private sektor.
  2. Fundraising - Fundraiser activity, fundraising planning
  3. Main donating groups - their characteristics, donations - gaining resources, the character of a request, the personal approach and donator motives and applicants.
  4. Endowments and endowment funds - characteristics, function
  5. Non-profit organizations - concept, types, contributing and budgeting organizations
  6. Gifts, donations - types, basic contract types, tax advantages
  7. Marketing - concept explanations, marketing plan and its parts
  8. Sponsoring, SWOT analysis
  9. EU finance sources - Nordic funds, structural funds (operating programs), community programs - basic overview
  10. Endowment programs and grants - The Czech Republic Ministry of Culture, Prague City Municipal Authorities, City municipalities.
  11. Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Culture grant programs, The Czech Republic Grant Agency, Corporate endowments - basic overview.

Recommended or required reading

Lectures and Recommended texts during lectures.

a) Concept of the cultural policy for 2015-2020, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

b) Prague City Grant Policy in culture and art. (passed by the Prague City Council / June 2006)

c) Prague City Cultural Policy Concept (passed by the Prague City Council / 2009)

d) Martin Cikánek: Mistři výkonnostních ukazatelů II (in HIS voice 5/2006)

Johnová Radka. Marketing kulturního dědictví a umění. Grada, 2008.

Kaiser M. Michael. Strategické plánování v umění: praktický průvodce. Institu umění - Divadelní ústav v Praze, 2009.

Ledvinová Jana. Základy fundraisingu, České centrum fundraisingu, 2002.

Tauer Vladimír, Zemánková Helena, Šubrtová Jana. Získejte dotace z fondů EU. Computer Press, 2009.

Important Czech Composer Institutions. Institut Bohuslava Martinů, 2010.

Cultural Mobility Funding Guide – Czech Republic

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on participation in lectures, completion of the semester paper and presentation of an assigned project.

During the semester independent readings and assigned topic presentation preparations are required. The overall grade is comprised of 20% for lecture participation, 40% for the written exam and 40% for the oral exam.

Conditions for successfull completion of the course: Basic knowledge of the area, project completion and presentation.



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