Music Management in Entertainment Industry 2

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110HMZP2 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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The entertainment industry (or also: the Industry of entertainment, leisure-time industry, entertainment and media industry) in the most dynamically developing branch of the world economy. What all does the entertainment industry include? Where di the entertainment industry come from? What is its role in human culture, in everyday life, in lifestyle? What is the relationship of the entertainment industry and art? Is it possible to apply processes used in the entertainment industry in artistic production? These are the basic questions which the course attempts to answer.

The main course mission: Demonstrate how entertainment is changing civilization.

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contact instruction

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Credit requires a thorough knowledge of the lecture topics in free time and the entertainment industry.

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What is entertainment, that is, the cultural industry? (attempt at a definition, main directions and branches, fundamental information about the placement in economics - world, the Czech Republic); Free time - the basic prerequisite for the success of the entertainment industry; the playing man -where there is a need in man to entertain himself; Where and how entertainment became and industry (culture, media, technology); London - dancing city (entertainment on the background of history of one world metropolis); The most important entertainment factories (Hollywood, Bollywood and co.); Music in the market; The system of stars: what's the point?; Nothing without a symbol (the role of brand); Television: effect of good and evil?; The McWorld as a victim of entertainment: Is the victim mortal?; How do fashion trends come about (not only fashion)?; Low entertainment? Noble arts? Or two sides of the same coin?; Controversy, scandals and provocations as instrument of the entertainment industry; Edutainment - entertainment for learning; Ephemera, boredom: typical attendant insdustrial entertainment; crowds and isolation (stories in multi-cinemas and other the computer screen); Info-tainment and examples of behaviour;

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Activity in lecture.



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