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174JZA2 ZK 7 28 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 154 to 189 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student has the ability to listen, cooperate and prioritise the common interest over the promotion of his own opinion. Demonstrates a strong capacity for self-motivation and self-discipline. Is flexible and able to acquire knowledge quickly in real time and uses their imagination, intuition and emotional understanding, thinks and works creatively, flexibly and adaptively. Possesses a cultivated and experienced knowledge of improvisational techniques and processes and has the ability to apply them freely in a variety of contexts. Demonstrates a high level of improvisational proficiency.

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Learning objectives:

The course Playing in a Jazz Ensemble serves for practical practice of all knowledge and skills acquired during the study of other subjects. It is a kind of verification that the student can use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. Playing in an ensemble is one of the basic skills of a jazz musician.

The student practices his/her group musical interaction and communication skills and the ability to become an organic part of an ensemble of any style. The goal is to adopt an approach where the benefit of the whole is paramount to individual interest, i.e., the ensemble member plays to support the sound of the whole rather than drawing attention to himself or herself.

The course Playing in a Jazz Ensemble is designed so that individual ensemble projects are devoted to the work of a particular jazz great from any era of jazz development, or have a differently defined specific compositional and arranging focus.

Thematic areas:

  1. WEATHER REPORT - ensemble dedicated to the work of this fusion / jazz group
  2. HERBIE HANCOCK - HEAD HUNTERS - ensemble dedicated to the work of this group led by Herbie Hancock
  3. RETURN TO FOREVER - ensemble dedicated to the work of this fusion / jazz group
  4. PAT METHENY - ensemble dedicated to the work of this jazz artist

Recommended or required reading

Required reading:

Recordings of the music of the artist whose work will be the subject of the ensemble project.

Recommended reading:

AEBERSOLD, Jamey. Combo rehearsal guidelines. New Albany: Jamey Aebersold, 1980.

HANCOCK, Herbie. Head Hunters [sound recording on CD]. New York: SONY BMG, 2007.

METHENY, Pat. Bright Size Life [sound recording on CD]. Munchen: ECM, 1976.

RETURN TO FOREVER. Where Have I Known You Before [sound recording on CD]. New York: Polygram, 1974.

WEATHER REPORT. Heavy Weather [sound recording on CD]. New York: Columbia, 1991.

Assessment methods and criteria

The student is evaluated based on his/her work in a particular ensemble. The depth of mastery of the repertoire, the ability to participate in the collective work of the ensemble, the quality of the musical performance itself (interpretation and improvisation) are evaluated.

Other requirements: 100% attendance - the lessons take place in blocks of three consecutive days


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