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180SOT credit 10 25 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 31 to 41 hours of self-study English, Czech academic year

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Lecture on the study of industry writings through the analysis of selected literature acquaints students with basic research practice in the field. The main emphasis is placed on the course study and work aims, description of selection methods, evaluation of to date literature on the topic, correct citation and paraphrasing,structure of professional practice. In classes student complete an industry writing witin these research practices and present it in class.

Mode of study

Instruction through analysis and commentary on selected industry writings.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A requirement to take the course is the completion of „Arts Comprehensive Analysis“

Course contents

The lecture and class continue the course „Comprehensive Analysis of an Artwork.“ The course aim is to broaden students knowledge of key works in music aesthetics and to use these types of writitngs for a dissertation. In the analysis of selected writings, those areas are traced which are fundamental in the writing of a dissertation as an professional writing: precise description of the subject, goal establishment, separating the main subject from adjunct topics, comparing one's aims and methods with other works covering similar topics, posing questions and achieving novelty in the writing, citation and paraphrasing of external thought, work structure.

In class stuents will complete a critique of one book from a range of, so called, music poetry books and is required to present the paper from that book in class. The paper is then submitted to the instructor. Course credit is awarded based on the fulfillment of these conditions: sufficient participation in class, paper presentation, submission of the paper and grading by the instructor.

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Assessment methods and criteria

In the classes students complete a critique of one, so called, music poetry book and present a paper on that book in class. The class paper is submitted in written form. Course credit is awarded based on the fulfillment of these requirements: sufficient participation in class, paper presentation, submission of the paper, grading of the paper by the instructor.

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