Music Theory - Diploma Seminar 3

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186HTD3 Z 8 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

A three-semester course focused on topics of the music theory students' master's theses. Instruction takes place in consultations on component text and the overall work's structure.

The aim of the course is to train the student in independent, creative, research activities in music theory, proven by the master's thesis.

Mode of study

A diploma course taking place in the final phase of the master's study. Students submit developed thesis material, the project and sketch of the concept to particular chapters of the future work. The submitted material is discussed in course discussions. The suggestions and discussions are included into the emerging work.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


  1. Completion of Music Theory - Graduate Seminar 2
  2. Mastery of the basic working methods in musicology
  3. Knowledge of Music theory classification
  4. music analysis skills
  5. Skills in creative independent music theory thought.

Course contents

This course is focused on the professional aspect of the research development of a selected topic and its final stylistic, grammatic and terminology forms.


  1. Investigation and development of bibliography and source bases
  2. Working structures - basis, citation, notation.
  3. Trade terminology
  4. Graphic standards and rules

Recommended or required reading

Eco Umberto - Jak napsat diplomovou práci.

Votobia, Olomouc 1997

Additional material according to the master's thesis topic.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

class participation

completion and presentation, in part, of the prepared master's thesis

During the semester independent reading and active participation in class discussions, which is a condtion for the award of credit, are required.

Conditions for the successfull completion of the course: class participation, completion and presentation of part of the master's thesis task.



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