Music Theory - Special Problems 8

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186HTP8 Z 2 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Lecture, supplementing basic presentation of music theory systems lectured in the course Misic Theory Systems, covering current selected topics, oriented on issues resolved by students in an assigned topic and linked to the current research and publishing activity of study instructors.

The course aim is to develop abilities and skills necessary for independent work in systems, analytical and synthetic music theory.

Mode of study

Lectures on selected music theory topics, supplemented by class discussions over various concept issues in literature, composition and peformance. Also possible are overlaps into other related disciplines (linguistics, acoustics, music psychology, etc.)

Students demonstrate, in discussions, a knowledge and overview of the presented issues. During the written exame the resolve a selected music theory issue, related to the presented topics.

Student working procedures (written material, text, graphs, music notation, etc.) are presented in music theory classes and opened for discussion. This may become the start and basis for the course, year's or diploma paper.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Prerequisite: Completion of Music Theory - Special Problems 7

Required: Music Theory - Systems 8

Course contents

Exercises, supplementing and broadening the fundamental presentation issues in Music Theory - Classification and History to current selected topics in the field related to the research, publishing and lecture activity of individual music theory instructors working on team and individual research projects at the HAMU Music Theory Institute. The aim is to motivate students for activities in the field - particularly in relation to unresolved topics in Music theory and participation in the presented projects through working on individual parts of the tasks.

Recommended or required reading

See study material for the „Music Theory - Systems“ course and other current material according to the selected topic.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: an oral exam over the lecture topics, knowledge of the literature employed in study, practical skills arising from the lecture topics. Grading reflects the quality of the demonstrated knowledge and skills as well as ability to independently argue in discussion.



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