Composition Technique Fundamentals 4

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186ZST4 Z 1 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Exercises with the aim to expand, improve and develop composition skills in working with music.

Mode of study

Students are gradually introduced to the fundamentals of composition technique related to the issues in "Fundamentals of Composition Technique 3 (108ZST3). For each presented and explained problem, the instructor assigns the creation of a small exercise - etude. Gradually developed will be the practice of assignements: tone material organization in a dodecaphonic exercise, horizontal and vertical tone organization, contemporary modality exercises, meter-rhythmic exercises, creating a tectonic structure and finally one's own small composition, resolving individual discussed issues.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Written completion of a composition etudes according to instructor assignment.

Course contents

Exercises in composition techniques for non-composers. General tectonic exercises, basic instrumentation exercises, tone material organization in dodecaphonics, horizontal and veritical tone organization, exercises in new era modalities, meter-rhythmic exercises, creation of tectonic structures from assignement and individual level of student maturity

Recommended or required reading

See study material for "Basic Composition Technique 1 (108ZST1) and Basic Composition Technique 2 (108ZST2).

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on student activity and results from the completed etude assignment.



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