The Consulting Workshop - Béla Tarr

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
300KDBT credit 2 50 workshop hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 13 to 23 hours of self-study English winter

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The work in the workshop will be similar to the consultation workshops in the individual departments. Learners will see the mentor Béla Tarr each week to consult with them on their current emerging exercises and films in their departments and will work on the development and production of a specific exercise in their home department, but it is not necessary that they also complete the exercise as part of the ZS.

Workshop job description:

  1. dramaturgy and script structure,
  2. creation of basic characters and their interrelationships, construction of dramatic situations; in the case of an existing text/script - interpretation and writer/director input into the creative process, homework presentations and consultations will take place weekly



  1. dramaturgy and script structure
  2. creation of basic characters and their relationships, construction of dramatic situations; in the case of an existing text/script - interpretation and writer-director input into the creative process
  3. assembling the crew

Learning outcomes

Prerequisites and other requirements

The course is intended for Czech and English master's and doctoral students.



Evaluation methods and criteria

Based on the success of the implementation of the directed concept and incorporation of feedback from weekly consultations with Béla Tarr.

On the basis of the ability to respond flexibly and creatively to comments made during the workshop.

Based on active participation in the creative discussion within the workshop.

Based on attendance. Learners must sign in on attendance sheets at each consultation. Allowed absences 25%.


Contact persons:

PhDr. David Čeněk

Vice-dean for International Relations

Tel.: +420 234 244 370


Mgr. Andrea Petrovičová

Tel.: +420 234 244 339


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