Analysing Works of World Documentary 1

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Study aims:

Students acquire direct experience with variou lines of documentary film development and also the opportunity for their own interpretation of a selected work.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of faculty-wide lectures in the history of world film and world documentary film.

Course contents

This course continues lectures in the history of world documentary film and in discussion circles focuses on a complete analysis of selected documentary works. The course focuses, primarily, on a glimpse into the development of the creative styles of selected filmmakers ia broad societal-historical and cultural context. Through thorough reading this allows the provision of a more malleable image of the documenary canon. The library of documentary film provides students with independent work with selected films so they may be able to present them to their colleagues including selected examples and prepared topics for discussion. The overal course comprised of instructor introductions to pieces from individual student contributions and group discussions enabling a greater knowledge o iconic documentary pieces.

Topic scope:

Georges Franju 1949 Le sang des bętes (Krev zvířat)

Alain Resnais 1955 Nuit et brouillard (Noc a mlha)

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Louis Malle 1956 Le monde du silence (Svět ticha)

Lionel Rogosin 1956 On the Bowery (Na Bowery)

Robert Drew, Richard Leacock, Albert Maysles, D.A. Pennebaker 1960 Primary (Primárky)

Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin 1961 Chronique d'un été (Kronika jednoho léta)

Michel Brault, Pierre Perrault 1962 Pour la suite du monde (Pro příští pokolení)

Bert Haanstra 1962 ZOO

Forugh Farrokhzad 1963 Khaneh siah ast (Dům je černý)

Chris Marker, Pierre Lhomme 1963 Le Joli Mai (Pařížský máj)

Michail Romm 1965 Obyknovennyj fašizm (Obyčejný fašismus)

Peter Watkins 1965 The War Game (Válečná hra)

D.A. Pennebaker 1967 Dont Look Back (Neohlížej se)

Frederick Wiseman 1967 Titicut Follies

Emile de Antonio 1968 In the Year of the Pig (V roce prasete)

David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, Albert Maysles 1968 Salesman (Obchodní cestující)

Fernando Solanas, Octavio Getino 1968 La Hora de los Hornos (Hodina výhně)

Jonas Mekas 1969 Walden

Marcel Ophüls 1969 Le chagrin et la pitié (Lítost a soucit)

Recommended or required reading

Recommended literature:

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