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303MEDP Z 1 8 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 19 to 24 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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The aim of the module is to expand student knowledge about education programs in markets and co-production fora focused on documentary film. The aim is an understanding of their important position in the modern film industry and what types of projects are appropriate. Whether for film festivals or independent of them, this is an important toll which is part of determining trends from the beginning of a film idea and entering the financing of projects and their subsequent application. The participation and results of these fora are more and more part of key institutions, primarily foundations.

We recommend group participation by student project teams (director and producer) - though not required. This module is open and appropriate for all studies.

Mode of study

modular teaching KDT FAMU

Lecturer: Radim Procházka, Tomáš Potočný (garant Alice Růžičková)

Date and time: Tuesday and Wednesday 29-30. 3. on East Doc Platform – French institute in Prague (Štěpánská 644/35, P1) + Galerie kritiků, Palác Adria (Jungmannova 31, 1)

Assignement: zá/1 – 90 % participation + written processing (1 A4) about pitching no later than April 30, 2022 (send to radim@radimprochazka.com)

Capacity: 20

Optional for: the module is suitable for all FAMU study programs

Language of teaching: english and czech

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Registration no later than March 18, 2022 with Tereza Šťastná, tstastna@dokweb.net +420 739 421 286 and at the same time at https://forms.dokweb.net/accreditation/index.php to obtain free industry accreditation enter the code: Filmstudent2022

You will receive a complete Industry Guide, as well as contacts for all guests, as well as access to the East Silver video library after accreditation. An overview of accredited guests can be found during on dokweb.net.

Course contents

East Doc Platform (EDP) is the largest platform for acquiring international partners for the co-production, financing and distribution of documentary projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, over 120 documentary filmmakers and producers present themselves to more than a hundred key producers, television and festival playwrights and distributors from all over the world. In addition to an open program for the public (lectures, case studies, panel discussions, masterclass), there are also presentations of upcoming projects (East Doc Forum, Czech Docs: Coming Soon, East Doc Shorts) and networking (East Doc Market). More at https://dokweb.net/activities/east-doc-platform/2022/programme.

Tuesday 29. 3. 2022, 14:30-16 introduction: Radim Procházka (meeting in the café of the French Institute in Prague)

At 2.30 pm meeting with Radim Procházka - an explanation of what can be expected from the Market, what can be learned and what to get, an explanation of how the market works and space for questions.

Tuesday 29. 3. 2022, 16:30-17:30 Czech Docs: Coming Soon (Cinema 35, French Institute in Prague)

Students will independently attend a public presentation of 5 selected Czech documentary projects in the development, production or post-production phase of Czech Docs: Coming Soon. Czech producers and directors present their projects to foreign professionals - representatives of international festivals, distributors and sales agents and the public. This event is supported by the Association of Audiovisual Producers:

Blix (d. Greta Stoklassa, p. Radovan Síbrt, CZ, SE, DE)

CAMERRAMAN (d. Jana Hojdová, p. Michal Sikora, CZ)

So Far from Mikulov (d. Marie Dvořáková, p. Pavel Berčík, CZ, SK)

The Investigator (d. Viktor Portel, p. Hana Blaha Šilarová, CZ, HR)

The Visitors (d. Veronika Lišková, p. Kristýna Michálek Květová, CZ, NO, SK)

Wednesday 30. 3. 2022, 9:30-13:30 Presentation: East Doc Forum (Cinema 35, French Institute)

Students will visit the main pitching forum, which is one of the largest and most influential events of its kind in Europe. The highlight of the East Doc Forum is the main pitch for up to 21 documentary projects in the development / early production phase (including 12 projects participating in the Ex Oriente Film workshop). The teams present their own projects to the audience, which consists mainly of decision-makers. Right after that, East Doc Interactive pitch for interactive cross-media projects follows. The East Doc Forum ends with feedback and individual meetings with EDP industry guests. The projects selected at the East Doc Forum become part of a year-round follow-up program that offers filmmakers the opportunity to further promote their upcoming films and seek new partners through delegations at key European documentary festivals and markets:

Below (d. Timo Novotny, p. Sebastian Rieker, AT, DE)

Dissenters and Madness (d. Sergey Gindilis, p. Yevgeniy Gindilis, RU, DE)

5 Pills Away (d. Karolina Domaglaska, p. Katarzyna Ślesicka, PL, DE)

Pianoforte (d. Jakub Piątek, p. Maciej Kubicki, PL)

Scarecrows (d. Laila Pakalnina, p. Uldis Cekulis, LV, LT)

The Other One (d. Marie-Magdalena Kochová, p. Aleš Hudský, CZ, SK)

Velvet Generation (d. Ivana Hucíková, p. Monika Lošťáková, Jakub Viktorín, SK, CZ)

East Doc Forum selection includes 12 Ex Oriente Film projects:

As Long as I Live (dir. Roman Ďuriš, prod. Simona Bago Móciková & Radka Babincová, SK)

Baltic UXO (dir. Alexander Belinski. dir. & prod. Agne Dovydaityte, prod. Dagne Vildziunaite, LT)

8 (dir. Danilo Cekovic, prod. Mario Adamson & Sergio Ayala, SE, RS)

Hunting the Invisible (dir. Johana Ožvold, prod. Jakub Košťál & Vratislav Šlajer, CZ, DE, FR, GB)

Last Letters of My Grandma (dir. Olga Lucovnicova, prod. Frederik Nicolai, co-prod. Virgiliu Mărgineanu, BE, MD)

Man of Marble (dir. Szymon Kuriata, prod. Aneta Zagórska, PL)

Nest of Storks and People (dir. Petko Gyulchev, prod. Galina Shtarbeva, BG)

Runaway (dir. Marika Pecháčková, prod. Vít Klusák & Pavla Klimešová, CZ)

Shut the Fuck Up! (dir. Taisiia Kutuzova, prod. Stephane Siohan, co-prod. Olga Beskhmelnitsyna, UA, FR)

The World is Not (a) Mine (dir. Natalia Koniarz, prod. Maciej Kubicki, PL)

Up in the Air (dir. Oksana Syhareva, prod. Oksana Syhareva & Nataliia Pogudina, UA)

Confidential project

Wednesday 30. 3. 2022, 15-16:30 Walk around the East Doc Market (meeting in the Critics' Gallery, Adria Palace)

At 3 pm meeting with Radim Procházka and his guests director Tomáš Potočný and moderator of the East Doc Forum Michael Ostrup, we will visit the East Doc Platform behind the scenes. We will see what the market looks like, where the creators meet with so-called decision makers (sales agents, television commission editors and festival playwrights).

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Assessment methods and criteria

90% attendance and submission of a seminar paper by March 30, 2022, consisting of an approximately one-page analysis of two different performances at one of the two pitchings visited. The student is expected to name in one case the positives that the given performance interested him in terms of presentation and its connection to the topic of film, and vice versa in the case of the negatives of the second selected „pitch“.



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