Contemporary World Documentary Film 4

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This course presents profound, thematically and genre diverse films of Modern International Documentary film. Students are presented with films which within one year delve into the development of documentary cinematography. Its content defines current times: simple current recordings, of course, do not exclude that presentation of films that are significant, transcending their own time and space. The selection of documentaries from a wide stream of yearly international production is not the work of coincidence and personal taste. The consistent and indisputable criteria for selection is the classification whose flexibility reflects the time's audiences' taste, represented in time through individual prize-giving circles of world film festivals. The selection of a film at a festival, its eventual circulation at multiple festivals and the subsequent selection by individual juries are sufficient reasons for wanting to get to know some works. Other criteria for the life of a work in public through national or international festivals are the knowledge of films through reviews and discussions in professional publications. Finally, the dramaturgical knowledge of the instructor plays a role in the selection of a film. Compared to an analysis course (Selected works of International Documentaries) the basis of this course Modern International Documentary Film is the presentation of films in which at least three study-year students come together (the films do not repeat). Preliminarily is the film categorized by authorial creation, appropriate national production, but more broadly to world cinematography. After taking this in follows moderated discussions: the essence of direct reaction, frequent emotional, subjectiv and largely the haphazard investigation of the sense of the work. The collective presentation of the works depends upon the conviction that a documentary should be presented as an original artistic unit, open only to the point of the reaction of the audience, students of documentary direction. The reception of a selected film is understood in an essay on which besides the basic requirements credit is awarded. In an addendum is a list of selected festivals whose dramaturgical structure is one of the starting points for selecting documentary films for the course.

Recommended or required reading

Film Festival Websites – Berlinale (Německo), CPHDOX (Dánsko), Visions du Réel (Švýcarsko), Cinéma du réel (Francie), Documenta Madrid (Španělsko), FID Marseille (Francie), Krakowski Festiwal Filmowy (Polsko), YIDFF (Japonsko), DMZ Docs (Jižní Korea), HotDocs (Kanada)

Currently viewable and available interviews and essays on discussed films.

Foreign periodicals which regularly review documentary works available in languages the student can manage.

Czech examples: DokRevue, 25fps, Cinepur, Film a spiritualita, Film a doba, Kinečko, Revue filmového přehledu, Zóna.

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Tue 09:50–12:55 Petr KUBICA Room No. 217
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