Digital Basics

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304CDB credit 2 English

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Michal ČERNÝ

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Michal ČERNÝ


The course covers basic theoretical knowledge and practical applications of digital image data processing - digital workflow - during shooting and post-production.

The subject is presented mainly from the perspective of the cinematographer to enable him/her to assess workflow and communicate with members of his/her crew and the post-production studio.

Topics :

  1. Compression, frame rate, resolution and image formats.
  2. Basic theory - colour space, gamut, colour spaces REC709, P3, REC2020. Raw, log data, lin data.
  3. Gamma, EOTF, OETF, PQ, SDR, HDR
  4. Color Management.
  5. Digital workflow overview - on-set, dailies, edit, grading, delivery
  6. On-set - more detailed view - monitoring, color look in camera.
  7. Color LUT, 3D LUT. LUT creation and modification, software for working with LUTs, DaVinci Resolve.
  8. ASC CDL, Arri Color Tool - tool for on-set look, import and export LUT and ASC CDL
  9. Digital Dailies - media preparation for dailies projection and off-line editing
  10. Grading - Color Management - detailed view - selecting the working color space, setting up proper image monitoring in post-production, using LUTs or ASC CDLs
  11. color space ACES and its applications, IDT, LMT, RRT, ODT. Basic ACES workflow
  12. Delivery - output media preparation, internet TV, digital cinema, basics of DCP mastering
  13. practical exercise - on-set - camera setup (ARRI, RED or Sony), camera test, monitoring - on-set monitor setup, (visit Rental)
  14. practical exercise - conforming, grading, use of LUT, choice of working color space, export, import of data. Processing of the recorded camera test in FAMU digital lab or in a professional post-production studio

Learning outcomes

The course aims to make students (future cinematographers) acquainted with the digital camera problematics and its basic technical settings, as well as to become acquinted with digital post-production and distribution problematics. It focuses on the critical stages of the whole process, on maintaining the consistency of colour rendering - from shooting to the final presentation and distribution of the work.

Students will get acquinted with basic concepts and practical tools such as Camera Look, 3D LUT, ASC CDL. They will become aware of what color management is and will be able to use it correctly while shooting and in their own exercise post-production process.

Practical exercises and visits of professionals in the field are included.

Prerequisites and other requirements



software dealing with the subject

Evaluation methods and criteria

Credit is earned on the basis of the student's active participation in solving assigned tasks during the course and a minimum of 80% attendance at seminars.

Schedule for winter semester 2023/2024:

room 226
Room No. 226

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Tue 10:40–12:15 Michal ČERNÝ Room No. 226
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Schedule for summer semester 2023/2024:

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