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A whole year course which presents students the basic issues of the phenomenon of the film image and its practical implementation. This basic knowledge prepares the students for their first creative expression using a film image in cameraman training. The main content of the course is the theory and creative viewpoints as to the psychological effect of the film image, expression medium and processes used in the cameraman's creative practice in creating the film image. Furthermore the students acquire an overview of the idea of film image expression in relationship to the dramaturgical structure of the film, the compositional form. Basic means and technical processes are explained which are used in implementing the film image. These are areas of image composition, tonality, lighting, image style unity, shot size, image dynamics, subjective camera and the like. As well the basic technical consciousness of the influence of exposure, frequency, film format and use of instrumental techniques. Also discussed is the necessary knowledge regarding collaboration with othre film professions, creation of the technical screenplay, rights and obligations of the cameraman and his assistants. The final important area is instruction in the mutual spatial relationships of objects in the composition of a film shot. Screenings of film procedures regarding the discussed topics are used for instruction.

Learning outcomes

Acquisition of fundamental knowledge in film image theory issues and its practical implementation.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Knowledge demonstrated by the entrance exam and knowledge acquired in other courses.


H. F. Flaherty: The Odyssey of a film-maker : Robert Flaherty story, New York : Arno Press , 1972

Manual for cinematographers : David Samuelson's „Hands-on“ manual for cinematographers, Oxford : Focal Press , 1998, ISBN: 0-240-51480-7

Evaluation methods and criteria

Attendance ( 70%) and participation in lectures.


hybrid course

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