History of Architecture

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304CHA Z 1 English

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Radmila IBLOVÁ

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Radmila IBLOVÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The lectures intend to inform students of the history of architecture in Europe, with the existing exceptional architectural monuments or material culture in Europe which have been preserved, can be studied and researched and which document the history of European civilization.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

The lectures are intended for students of the Master's program and expect the students to have a minimum knowledge of European history. The lecture is prepared primarily for non-European students.

Course contents

The content of the lectures is a visual presentation of the History of Architecture and Material Culture in Europe, which is real, can be seen, visited and can be researched. The purpose of lectures is to give students a brief introduction to the history of European architecture, including the beginnings of the material culture of human civilization that created Europe and its architecture. In addition to an overview of all the important architectural styles of Europe, the lecture is complemented by the cultural history of Europe that preceded the architectural style changes. Material culture, direct evidence of Europe's cultural history, complements the abstract terminology usually used to discuss the history of architecture.

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Assessment methods and criteria

In the course of the semester, students will complete specific assignments for visual presentation of Prague in a certain era. The final output of their semestral work will be a visual presentation of a particular era in Prague.

Schedule for winter semester 2020/2021:

room 230
Room No. 230

(Lažanský palác)
(lecture parallel1)
classes only on 15.10. + 22.10. + 12.11. + 26.11
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Thu 13:10–18:05 Radmila IBLOVÁ Room No. 230
Lažanský palác
classes only on 15.10. + 22.10. + 12.11. + 26.11 lecture parallel1

Schedule for summer semester 2020/2021:

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