Rainbow 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
304CRB2 credit 1 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 7 to 12 hours of self-study English winter

Subject guarantor

Jaroslav BRABEC

Name of lecturer(s)

Jaroslav BRABEC


Mastering the craft of a cameraman

Local colour ranges, atmospheres, concept of space. Information and emotion. Solutions for light and tonality. The sequence and linking of shots. Static and kinetic characteristics of motifs. Relationships between the visual and dramatic concepts of the film. Visual-dramatic interpretation of imagery. Dramatic figure as an object of visual and dramatic stylisation. The scene, costume, masque. A figure viewed within the scene image. Variable situation component. Internal and external meanings. Expressive tendencies. Meaningful compositions. Impact and dominants prepared. Overall colour dramaturgy of fiction films.

Learning outcomes

Mastering the craft of a cameraman

Prerequisites and other requirements

General cultural awareness and sensitivity in relation to the world of colour around us. Absolute dedication to the profession of cameraman to relate to and interpret any film work in its entirety.


David Hopkins: After modern art : 1945-2000, Oxford : Oxford University Press , 2000, ISBN: 0-19-284234-X

Jacinto Lageira ; [transl. from French by Simon Knight]: Centre Pompidou, the national Museum of modern art : paintings and sculptures, Paris : SCALA :, Centre Georges Pompidou , 2001, ISBN: 2-86656-278-X

Lucienne Peiry ; translated by James Frank: Art Brut : the origins of outsider art, Paris : Flammarion , 2006, ISBN: 978-2-0803-0543-5

Rudolf Arnheim, Visual Thinking, Berkeley : University of California Press , 1969, ISBN: 0-520-01871-0

Evaluation methods and criteria

80% attendance

Till the end of the Semester students submit the topic choice of the Rainbow Exercise.



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room 220
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Mon 13:10–14:45 Jaroslav BRABEC Room No. 220
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