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304EJE4 Z 4 1T English summer

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Student normally executes the Collaboration Film with the Cinema and Digital Media, Directing, Documentary, and Animated Films Depts. Shooting the Final Film comes with special considerations that the Camera Dept. student, for objective reasons / varying numbers of student FAMU International Cinema and Digital Media cannot shoot the Short Fiction or Graduate Project.

To demonstrate professional and creative qualifications in a film piece corresponding to the final master's exam in Cameraman studies.

The Final Film is only a substitute for Camera Dept. Cinema students. This is a cameraman's mastery piece which deals with issues in developing the story of a feature length film through visual narration of the film's story.

Mode of study

Consultation classes.

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Course contents

According to the production situation of the student project.

The Cameraman Consultation course of the second semester of the second year of the Camera Dept's Cinematography master's study is focused on preparation and execution of the graduate film, or Final Film.

Students present the raw literary synopsis, which in the course, is developed with a view to the proposed visual film concept.

Work during the course takes place on preparations for the graduate film, storyboard, search for locations and story consultations.

For the Final Film this may only be digitally recorded.

The subsequent workflow is a subject of discussion and in agreement with the guidance of the corresponding instructor for the White Book for the Final Film/Collaboration. The Camera Dept. Cinematography student is obliged to respect the parameters given in the White Book.

The exercises are intended to master preparation and execution of a feature film from the Cameraman's position.

For execution ofthe Final Film the Camera Dept. Cinematography student may collaborate with students from other FAMU depts, but responsibility for the entire project remains solely that of the Camera Dept. Cinematography student.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Selected exercise presentation

Results format:

Should the instructor approve the professional and artistic quality - DCP

Presentation of Final Film/Collaboration is not rigidly determined. The student may select any Camera Dept. instructor



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