Lighting Seminar 1

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304ELS1 Z 1 3T English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

being the main seminar of the first year’s master program, this course is an essential part of the cinematography student’s education.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

basic experience as cinematographers, ability to handle essential filmmaking tasks

Course contents

purpose, concepts, technology, strategy, planning of lighting. visual style and look. visual storytelling. visual dramaturgy.

the role of the cinematographer in preproduction, on set and in post. relationship with director, production designer, wardrobe/ makeup/ hair, editor, sound and production.

cinematographic grammar and language. aspect ratio and lenses. camera movements vs movements inside frame…

practical exercises:

“light and face” - stills in studio b/w

basic concepts of lighting, framing and composition; three point lighting; light as dramatic tool; interaction of object and background

“portrait at a window” - stills b/w

mastering of creative exposure combining interieur/ exterior

“LE1: tonality tests and basic studio lighting” - 35mm b/w film in studio

Recommended or required reading

american cinematographer’s manual

Sven Nykvist, “Reverence for the light” 1997

D. Schaefer and L. Salvato, “Masters of light” 1984

F. Truffaut, “le cinema selon Hitchcock” 1966

K. Malkiewicz, “film lighting” 1986

D. Samuelson, “motion picture, camera and lighting equipment” 1980

Assessment methods and criteria

Active participation in the workshop, presence, punctuality, quality of practical exercises are prerequisites for granting the evaluation.



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