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304EPI1 Z 1 10S English summer

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practical exercise

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Basic luminance and relation scenes

Objective : Transfer the luminance contrast of an object into digital image tonality

Assignment: l) Grey square in exposition lighting (entire area of the shot)

  1. A face and grey square (same plane, exposition lighting)
  2. Figure (PC) with area/flood lighting

a) a white figure against white backdrop

b) a black figure against black backdrop

  1. Figure ( PC ) with modulating lighting

a) a white figure against white backdrop

b) a black figure against black backdrop

Technical notes: use the same white and black figure for items 3 + 4 and vary the character of your light. May be taken in the exterior or in studios.

  1. Simple tonal styling

a) set of objects in light tonality (lightened up as well)

b) set of objects in medium tonality (in respect of luminance as well)

c) set of objects in dark tonality (dimmed as well)

  1. A study of portrait lighting in real settings

a) various distinctive light moods in real settings (approx. 5 shots in total)

b) analogy of the light mood from real settings reproduced in the studio

  1. Silhouette of a figure in front of a window

Choose the ratio of minimum to maximum clarity in the area so that the figure plane still has visible tone while the clarity of the areas looked at through the window has minimum distance from white – all the time maintaining clear information and character of the exterior.

a) a light figure

b) a dark figure

c) replace the figure with a grey square under identical exposition conditions

Completion of the exercise: Photographs of the digital recordings to be handed in by April 30, 2017.

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