Pre-production planning with Sketchup’s virtual environment

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304EPP Z 1 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduction to the use of FrameForge application in pre-production.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

General computer skills.

Course contents


1 Program installation and introduction to FrameForge

  1. Construction of exteriors including figures
  2. Construction of interiors including figures
  3. Development of the environment and figures using materials and light.
  4. Potential pozing of figures and placing props
  5. Potential cameras and their setting on the stage
  6. Exporting the storyboard with metadata
  7. Setting and exporting animation
  8. Course summary and completion of practical tasks.

Recommended or required reading

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wikipedie -

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Assessment methods and criteria

The requirement for grading is the completion of practical assignments and attendance in at least 6 of the 9 lessions of the module



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