Shots in Studio

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304ESIST2 Z 2 8/San English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Being an essential part of the “lighting seminar 1+2” of the first year’s master program, this exercise is an essential part of the cinematography student’s education.

Mode of study

workshop - practical exercise

Prerequisites and co-requisites

basic experience as cinematographers, ability to handle essential filmmaking tasks

digital still camera with all functions manually

lightmeter: spotmeter and luxmeter

film camera (arri3) provided by studio famu

film set (3wall room with big window and door; backdrop) provided by studio famu

Course contents

35mm b/w film in studio (60m each student)

creating basic atmospheres and moods through lighting. balancing exterior/ interior.

grey chart, frameleader

Each student chooses a lighting situation and shoots individually for one day. all students present all the time, teacher present

graded film print according to grey chart

Recommended or required reading

american cinematographer’s manual

John Alton, “Painting with Light”

Sven Nykvist, “Reverence for the light” 1997

D. Schaefer and L. Salvato, “Masters of light” 1984

F. Truffaut, “le cinema selon Hitchcock” 1966

K. Malkiewicz, “film lighting” 1986

D. Samuelson, “motion picture, camera and lighting equipment” 1980

Assessment methods and criteria

workshop presence, participation, punctuality: 100 %

practical exercise: 100 %



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