Visual effects in film and TV 3

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304EVEF3 Z 1 3T English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students are introduced to all types of 3D post-production technology. Those in CINKK master's study, upon completion must have a good bearing, knowledge of use and skills from discussions with 3D artists in order to become an originator of the image elements of cinematographic works.

Mode of study

Lecture with practical examples

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completing lectures by Ing.Hřebačky - Digital Workflow1+2

Ing. Bernas - Colorimetrics,visual effects in film and TV I+2. - Teaching assist. A.Pluskal, doc. Mgr. A.Weiser

Courses: Teaching assist.Adam Pluskal - SkatchUP and Frame Forge.

Course contents

This course is linked to lectures in „VISUAL EFFECTS IN FILM AND TV I+II.“ The lecturer presents 3D techniques in the film and TV industries using film examples from around the world and from the lecturer's own cameraman experience; the production of 3D effects used, their applications in diverse technologies and contemporary use in cinematography. Along with lectures there are practical tasks „VFX exercise“ in the department studio in LP and the LDK workshops. Students complete exercises independently under the guidance of Teaching assist. Adam Pluskal and Doc. A. Weiser.

Recommended or required reading

Richard Rickitt „The History and Technique Special effects“,

Steve Wright „ Digital Compositing for Film and Video“, First edition

Steve Wright „Digital Compositing for Film and Video“, Second Edition

Dough Kelly :“Digital Compositing in Depth“ - Coriolis Group

Jon Gress „Digital visual effects & compositing“, 2015

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on Lecture and class participation. The final exam is individually as a test and interview; topic questions, process explanations for particular examples.

Grading: level of knowledge and bearing in the study.


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