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304MLF credit 1 3 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 23 to 28 hours of self-study English winter

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The large format sensor has, in recent years, been a subject of interest for many directors and cinematographers. Many camera manufacturers have released new digital cameras with different sensor sizes bigger than the typically used Super 35mm sensor size. During the workshop, we will go through a side by side comparative screening of footage shot in Alexa Mini (Super 35mm sensor) and Alexa 65 (65mm sensor size), for an in-depth analysis of the main technical differences which might affect the film language, and the way a viewer would see a certain frame, such as space compression and space/subject relationship, digital noise, depth of field, resolution, angle of view, etc.

Learning outcomes

The outcome is to acheive an understanding of the different format sizes, and the reasons one might choose to shoot in large format and how it would affect the shots technically and artistically.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Basic knowledge and understanding of the process of digital cinematography, as well as basic knowledge in optics and the physical properties of a lens.



Evaluation methods and criteria

100% attendance


Studio Famu projection room - the workshop will take place on Thursday December 9, from 2PM till 5PM.

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