Workshop - Pawel Edelman

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304MPE credit 1 4 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 22 to 27 hours of self-study English winter

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The presentation of cinematographer Pawel Edelman's style of work. ( In a selected set, students in groups under the direction of Pawel Edelman realize several shots in different lighting atmospheres (in FAMU Studio A) The filming of the footage will be followed by analysis of the material shot.

Learning outcomes

Deepening previously acquired knowledge of working with light in a studio environment. Creating different lighting atmospheres. Getting acquinted with the style of cinematographer Pawel Edelman.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Basic knowledge of the principles of lighting in the studio. Experience in operating modern digital cameras (Arri Alexa Mini, Arri 35).



Evaluation methods and criteria

100% attendance

each group:

•submission of documentation /lighting plan, floor plan, measured light intensities/

•shots with finished image post-production.

individual: reflection of the acquired knowledge and influence on the author's own work in the scope of 1 standard page max.


Practical worshop in Atelier with active discussion.

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