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304SEZN Z 2 Czech summer

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Exercise in the relationship of two figures in which one is relatively static (still) and the other in a dynamic situation placed in the surroundings of the National Theatre.

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natáčení v prostoru Nové scény - dle schváleného scénáře, postprodukce

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge of exponometrics and working with film raw material.

Course contents

Exercise content: The student concocts and writes a screenplay for a short scene - one image from a feature film. This must contain a relationship of two figures in which one is static (still) and the other in a dynamic situation. It is necessary to come up with a plot of their mutual relationship - a boy wants to meet a girl or vice versa.

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Kredity budou uděleny po projekci dokončeného projektu před klauzurní komisí.



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