Camera Angles

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304SM Z 1 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Based on prior written screenplays, students select size and direction of shooting based on image aesthetics principles.

Mode of study

Presentation of instructor experience, creative activities.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge of the importance and size of a shot necessary for subsequent editing.

Course contents

Exercise content:

A/ Five static figure shots walking/a man on a romantic walk/

B/ Five static figure shots of a pair in conversation. Screenplay:

a/profiles facing one another - semi-whole

b/over the shoulder of A at B

c/detail of A from the viewpoint of B

d/detail of B from the viewpoint of A

e/over the shoulder of B at A, ending statement and walking away.

At the end of individual shots the activity o fthe figures must contain a reson for editing.

C/ Seven to ten static shots of a lyric natural passage. The camera does not move. Movement is only in the shot. Ex: Fall leaves and water, and the like.

D/ Five shots of moderate action of both figures in a flat shot.

Concept of the exercise:

In the composition section the students will devote attention to the selection of appropriate shot size, maintaining the environment unity. Individual sequences must have an apparent creative value.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on the submitted exercise on a DVD or DV cassette.



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