Archetypes of characters and situations in religions 1

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The aim is to present in an introductory study in modern Western culture no only as a merely Christian society but primarily as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious culture and as it is reflected in modern film. Effort will be made to demarcate the perspectives of the course including potential inter-disciplinary collaboration with other artistic and humanities studies.


  1. Adam and Eve. The creation and fall of man. Good and evil. Defiance and rebellion.

Symbols of paradise in film 1:

The Christian concept of paradise - Adam and Eve, creation and fall of man

Good and evil, defiance and rebellion, emancipation

Symbols of paradies in film 2:

  1. Death of John the Baptist. Guilt and obedience. Guilt and innocence, force majeure, law and justice
  2. Cain and Abel, pain and anger. the victim, justice and punishment
  3. Jesus and sinners in the house of the Pharises. The child - parent - adult. Sense and feeling.
  4. Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. The internal world of man. Emotions. Extreme limitations. Dominance and submissiveness.
  5. Joseph and Potifar's wife. Injury to the ego. The dream and reality as desire and their realization. Jealousy. Loving relationships.
  6. The Ten Commandments in film:
  1. Naming Saul the king. David and Goliath. The hero and anti-hero.
  2. Depiction of God in film. The Passion as a dramatic story.

Religious - societal context of film with this topic

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Leitch, Vincent B. „Northrop Frye.“ The Norton Anthology: Theory and Criticism. Ed. Vincent B. Leitch. New York: Norton, 2001. 1442 - 1445

ISBN: 9780393932928 0393932923

Knapp, Bettina L. „Introduction.“ A Jungian Approach to Literature. Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1984. ix - xvi

ISBN 0809311615 (ISBN 13: 9780809311613)

Edition Language / English


I Confess, director: Alfred Hitchcock, 1953.

Rosemary´s Baby, director: Roman Polanski, 1968.

Angel Heart, director: Alan Parker, 1987.

Dead Man, director: Jim Jarmusch, 1995.

The Last Temptation of Christ, director: Martin Scorsese, 1988.

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Completion of the final exam.



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