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306DP3 credit 2 30 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 28 to 38 hours of self-study English summer

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Development of communication skills and the social relationships among students and students and instructors.

The content of the assembly are projections, analysis and discussions on the content, form and message of the film work. The assembly is enriched with sports and social activities in the Study and Training Centre Poněšice.

The assembly in Poněšice is primarily a space for the projection of unfinished students and teachers films. An integral part is a discussion.

Students who do not yet have any film for projection should about 5-10 min. present their current projects (story, characters, concepts, research ...).

Typical program of the assembly:


2 pm – Case study - projection of an independent movie R'utobös 1996 by Tomas Doruska and GelGit 2011

4 pm – Case study - projection of 16mm amateur films in presence of their author Petr Slabý

7 pm – projection of films from the first year of Editing department (KSS FAMU)

(Basic excercises 16mm on two reels, in collaboration with KR, KDT, CAS or KAT)

9.30 pm – Step Across the Border, 1990, Werner Penzel


9 am – projection of the second year of KSS and KZT

11 am – Rock in Opposition – the audio presentation by Petr Slabý

3 pm – 6 pm – Psychology and Film, Karel Malimánek (Modul)

7 pm – projection of the fourth year of KSS and KZT

9 pm – Nikdo se nebude smát (No One Shall Laugh, Czechoslovakia, 1966, 94 min, directed by Hynek Bočan) – film projection with in depth introduction by Ivo Trajkov


9 am – 1 pm – projection of the Master's level of KSS and KZT

2 pm – Můj pes Killer (My Dog Killer, Slovakia / Czech Rep., 2013, 87 min, directed by Mira Fornayová) – projection with Drahomíra Vihanová in attendance

4 pm – projection of Bachelor's level of KSS and KZT

7 pm - Case study - Pevnost (Fortress, 35 mm, 1994, 97 min) – projection with Drahomíra Vihanová in attendance

9 pm – KSS's department meeting


possibility for KZT projections

10 am – Celý svět se směje (The World Is Laughing, Soviet Union, 1934, 96 min, directed by Grigori Aleksandrov) – introduction by students

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