Spontaneus film experience

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306MSF credit 2 English, Czech summer

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Theoretical part: Introduction to the technique and philosphy of spontaneous film, in which is the resulting montage immediately connected with the act of shooting. Projection and discussion of examples from the work of Jonas Mekas and Kurt Kren. Projection of the realized exercise of the spontaneous film workshop from 2018.

Practical part: Each student will be given the opportunity to shoot approx. 10 meters of black and white film material on a super 8mm camera (approx. 2 minutes) using the spontaneous film method. These short episodes will become a collaborative short film. The next day the film will be developed, then individual parts organized and spliced into a final composition which will be screened afterwards.

Date and time:

Theoretical part – 24.8.2022, 16:30 – 20:00 room 311

Practical part – will take place before 31/08/2022, on a date agreed with the enrolled students

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to introduce students to shooting with an 8mm camera. And that through a gentle, but extremely impressive documentary and experimental method that can capture the atmosphere and the endless charm of moments in our lived world.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Basic knowledge of operating a film camera, exposure measurments and reversal film developing.


ČIHÁK, Martin. Ponorná řeka kinematografie; s. 197-205

For english speaking students: Please read at least the summary of the book on the page 266

Evaluation methods and criteria

Participation in the theoretical part; Execution of the assigned task; Participation in most phases of the practical part of the workshop (developing, editing, screening).


Michal Böhm´s CV

Michal Böhm is a Czech film and television editor, born in 1988 in Brno. He is a PhD student at FAMU interested in film theory and pedagogy.

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