Seminary of Script Editing 1

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306SE1 Z 3 48SS+12CS English summer

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Seminar of Script Editing 1 is a workshop expanding the topics of Grammar Of Film Language 1 lectures. The students storyboard and edit various scenes from selected feature films, gaining experience in the basic trade knowledge as well as editing aesthetic principles. The program is supplemented by a summaries in lectures and debates and storyboarding assignments. Various editing principles and film language tools are explored in context of different genres and situations.

Students receive contemporary footage of a single situation and they are instructed how to deal with its challenges.


• Dialogue: Multiple Actors (Psychology vs Distance)

• Kinesthetics: The Body Language versus The Film Language

• Kinesthetics: The Body Genres (Action/Dance/Love)

• Thriller: Building Suspense

• Horror: Fear/Scare

• Creative sound and music editing (audio-visual contrapunct, editing in/off the music beats, etc..)

• Rhythm in film (rhythmic figures, rhythmic structure, building a meaning through rhythm, parallel montage)

Recommended or required reading

Footage from several movie sequences.

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Credit is awarded based on:

Activity in the lectures/exercises/classes

development of the tasks


completion of the final exam

minimum 80% participation in the total classes.



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